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Getting Your Vehicle's AC Ready for the Massachusetts Summer with BDR Automotive in Holliston, MA.
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Getting Your Vehicle’s AC Ready for Summer in Massachusetts

We don’t really think much about our vehicle’s air conditioning system until it fails … usually on the hottest day and during a long road trip. Ensure the well-being of you and your family by safeguarding your vehicle against potential air conditioning issues.

Discover essential tips on how to effectively prepare your vehicle’s air conditioning system for the upcoming summer season. As the scorching summer approaches, the blazing heat is bound to make its presence felt. In Massachusetts, it’s no surprise that temperatures can skyrocket even before the official arrival of the summer season.

Run the air conditioning system

To determine how well your AC fans handle different speeds, start the air conditioning on the coldest temperature setting and make sure all vents are blowing air. Set the fan at the lowest setting and check each of the fan speeds.

Check the air filter

The air filter in your vehicle should be changed every 12,000 miles as accumulated dirt and debris get trapped and can clog up the system. Listen for unusual sounds coming from the air conditioning system. When turned on, you should not hear any squealing, squeaking, or banging. Sounds can mean broken or loose components and will need to be checked out by a professional technician.

The sniff test

If you smell a foul odor, it might mean bacteria or mildew is growing in the AC system. Vehicle air conditioning should have a neutral scent. A musty smell can mean dust, mold, or mildew have been collected in the system.

Check the engine thermostat

Take your vehicle out for a drive with the air conditioner running for 30 minutes or more. Keep an eye on the engine temperature to be certain  your vehicle does not overheat. Using the air conditioner can sometimes correlate with an overheated engine caused by a malfunctioning thermostat, a coolant leak, or several other possible issues.

Inspect the refrigerant

What sets BDR Automotive apart from other shops for AC services is that we have both 134A refrigerant and 1234YF refrigerant. This allows us to work on all vehicle AC systems!

The refrigerant inside the engine is one of the most important elements of your vehicle’s air conditioner. It is crucial that the liquid refrigerant stays dry. When wet, it reacts with water to create corrosive hydrochloric acid that can harm the engine. The refrigerant is stored in the receiver-drier until it is needed. It passes through a filter to remove dirt and through desiccant to remove water.

Look for condensation around the receiver-drier, which is located near the condenser. You will find the right can-with-hoses when you locate one that has a roughly half-inch viewing window near its inlet. Called the sight glass, you should see clear liquid inside when the air conditioner is working. There should be no signs of bubbles or foam. A milky-like substance can mean you have water in the system. These conditions require the attention of a qualified automotive service technician.

Check for leaks

The refrigerant in the air conditioning system is responsible for cooling the car. Without enough refrigerant, the AC will not work properly. Checking for leaks requires a fluorescent leak tracer. A professional technician will use a UV light and yellow glasses to inspect the compressor, the pipework, and the condenser for leaks.


Contact BDR Automotive

The air conditioning system in your vehicle has many working parts that need checking to ensure it is ready for summer. If you have any issues with the vehicle’s air conditioning system after running through these tips, you will need to have a professional technician check to see if the compressor is working properly.

To ensure your vehicle stays cool and comfortable throughout the entire summer season by reaching out to our service department at 508-429-4720 or by scheduling an appointment online. Let us service your air conditioning system for the summer ahead, guaranteeing a refreshing and enjoyable driving experience.

Jarred McGee
Jarred is not only an amazingly competent and capable technician, he is a confident leader and source of incredible knowledge. Known for being a tireless and dedicated technician, he is always friendly and professional, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure BDR customers leave with peace of mind about their vehicle. Jarred attended Mass Bay Community College where he earned his Associates Degree in Automotive Technology. He went on to receive a Toyota T-TEN Certificate while working in Toyota’s dealership system. Jarred has also worked at an auto-body repair shop that specialized in complex high-end vehicles such as the Tesla.

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