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BDR Automotive Land Rover at community events
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An Old Gal turns into a Smooth-Talkin’ Social Butterfly: Celebrating Community Events with the BDR Automotive Land Rover

She came from “across the Pond,” from the United Kingdom, is over 46 years old, and spent more than ten years indoors, only to be restored to health and brought out for community events. 

The Pride of BDR Automotive

We are talking about the BDR Land Rover 101 Forward Control. A utility vehicle for the British Army, designed to tow field guns and ammunition, the old truck was obtained by BDR owner, Brian Rossini, from a friend who complained that every time he drove the 1976 right-sided driving vehicle, it would break down. Consequently, the vehicle sat in the friend’s garage for ten years!

Brian bought it in 2011 and replaced the engine and got it in running condition. He has since taken the Land Rover 101 off-roading all over New England with his friends. He has explored Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts in all seasons and in all different types of weather.

The Land Rover 101 is now branded with the BDR logo and is used as a marketing and advertising tool. You might see the Land Rover 101 at the entrance to the BDR Automotive driveway sporting an ad for State Inspection Stickers or Digital Vehicle Inspection.

Celebrate Holliston with the BDR Automotive Land Rover

Brian and his wife, Chrissy, enjoy bringing it to community events, including the Holliston Touch a Truck event each spring, where children can climb onto the vehicle and explore it. The annual Celebrate Holliston event is a Rossini family favorite and again this year BDR will participate in the parade and the Rossini children will throw candy to the kids in the crowd. This year Celebrate Holliston will be held September 24th.  Dubbed the “big green candy truck,” the Land Rover 101 is a crowd favorite. The Parade begins at 9 am and starts from the Sam Placentino School parking lot at 235 Woodland Street.

A town-wide fun event, Celebrate Holliston’s mission is to raise money for town improvements and beautification. Plan to attend the festivities, watch the Parade, and visit the BDR booth. For more information, visit the Celebrate Holliston website

We at BDR Automotive are proud of our Land Rover 101 – almost 50 years old and still going strong.  

101 touch a truck - celebrating community events with BDR Automotive Land Rover101 parade - celebrating community events - BDR Automotive

Jarred McGee
Jarred is not only an amazingly competent and capable technician, he is a confident leader and source of incredible knowledge. Known for being a tireless and dedicated technician, he is always friendly and professional, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure BDR customers leave with peace of mind about their vehicle. Jarred attended Mass Bay Community College where he earned his Associates Degree in Automotive Technology. He went on to receive a Toyota T-TEN Certificate while working in Toyota’s dealership system. Jarred has also worked at an auto-body repair shop that specialized in complex high-end vehicles such as the Tesla.

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