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MON – FRI: 8 AM – 5 PM
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Brian Rossini standing next to the BDR Automotive Jeep.
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BDR Automotive

Behind the Garage: Meet Brian, Mr. BDR

Brian Rossini is the namesake and owner of BDR Automotive … a leader with a mission and a vision.


Brian Rossini doesn’t hesitate when asked what his mission is for BDR Automotive. He says, “It is very important for us to provide our customers with the highest grade of service and quality of repairs to ensure the safety and dependability of their vehicles.”

It is just as important to him and to his wife Chrissy, co-owner and office manager at BDR, to create a workplace where their employees enjoy coming every day. He explained, “We provide support for our staff and treat them like family.”

Brian Rossini working on a customer vehicle at BDR Automotive.

Brian and Chrissy select the staff carefully to ensure they fit into the family culture they have cultivated at BDR. They agree, “Our workers enjoy hanging out after work and our families socialize together.” Brian explained that BDR is open Monday through Friday 8 am until 5 pm, allowing the staff to enjoy a work/home balance that most automotive service centers do not provide. Employees have evenings and weekends to be with their families.

Entrepreneurial roots

Brian knows what it is like to be part of a family that is connected to the community. He has entrepreneurial roots going back. Many Rossini family members still run businesses in and around Holliston, and it all started with Brian’s great-grandfather, Joe Rossini.

In 1937, Joe Rossini owned Brothers Ice and then he opened Walter’s Dairy in 1940. The business prospered for over 45 years and at one point all four of Joe’s sons worked at the dairy. 

The corner of Routes 126 and 16 in Holliston was named Rossini Corner in 2001 to honor the family and their contributions to the community.

A zoomed in view of Rossini corner in Holliston, MA.

The dream and the reality

Brian grew up in Holliston, loving cars. Chrissy says, “Cars have always been his thing and now our son, Mason is following in his footsteps.”

Brian attended school to learn auto mechanics and worked at a local dealership. His dream was to open his own business and he is proud to say, “BDR Automotive is celebrating its 14th anniversary this month!”

BDR Automotive started as a one-man shop and then Brian hired his first employee. Five years later, BDR moved to its present location at 1605 Washington Street in Holliston. Today there are 7 staff members in a six-bay shop with room to grow.

On the personal side

Brian is a highly trained and experienced technician. He serves on the Board of Directors of the New England Service Station and Auto Repair Association (NESSARA).  

Brian Rossini with his children and a firetruck.

He is a proud member of the Holliston Fire Department and is a certified rescue diver. Most important to him, he is a loving husband and father of two sons and a daughter.

Community activities

BDR Automotive donates time and more for community events and Brian is always willing to help in any way he or the business can. 

These events include the annual Touch a Truck Day where kids can explore all different vehicles from BDR’s own big green Old Land Rover Army Truck 101 to firetrucks and other “cool” vehicles. BDR Automotive enjoys celebrating Holliston and participating in other events.

Family owned and operated is not just a slogan

Brian says, “Our philosophy is simple. First, it is personal. We created a family-oriented space for our employees that makes it an enjoyable environment. Second, we want our customers to be comfortable coming to BDR Automotive – to not be afraid to ask questions. We want them to be greeted by a smiling face and a welcoming voice. Third, it is important for us to be a valued part of our community. 

Future goals for BDR Automotive

Brian’s goals for BDR are what he believes in and lives every day. He wants to know the staff and their families, building strong working and personal relationships.

He will continue to provide his employees with a safe, friendly environment and to foster a supportive staff who work as a team.

Brian says, “Of course, we will always provide our customers with honest and friendly service. We want our customers to know what is happening throughout the repair process. Communication is key.”

Brian reflects on the 14 years BDR Automotive has been in business. “Chrissy and I take great pride in the challenges we have overcome and the life we have built. We instill our work ethic in our children so they will want to serve their community too. We teach honesty and compassion to others by example. And … we build relationships with our staff and customers, so the children learn and see first-hand, the value of true friendships.”

If you have questions for Brian Rossini, (the man behind the garage) about your vehicle’s maintenance or repair, call BDR Automotive at 508-429-4720 or schedule an appointment online.

Chris Grady
Chris has joined the BDR team as highly certified technician. He is a hard worker and very reliable. Chris specializes in diagnostics and prides himself on proficiency and getting the job done right the first time! Chris has the proven ability to deliver quality work with excellent customer satisfaction. Chris attended Mass Bay Community College where he earned his degree in Automotive Technology. He has gone on to become ASE certified as well as having certifications in KIA and TOYOTA diagnostics.

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