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MON – FRI: 8 AM – 5 PM
Closed for Lunch 12-1 pm

BDR staff by sign entrance - automotive jobs
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BDR Automotive

A Very Different Working Experience than Most Automotive Jobs

What is it like to work for BDR?

BDR Automotive is a smaller sized shop that is growing and is very busy. All of the staff are long-term and are like family.  (I know, everyone says that; but at BDR it is true!)

The staff is handpicked and one of the most important requirements is that they share the BDR vision to be pleasant and kind to both co-workers and customers. We want the employees to enjoy coming to work every day, so BDR has a laid-back atmosphere in the shop … music is playing, people are often heard talking about their families, or what they did over the weekend.

“The thing I like best about working at BDR is the environment itself. Everyone gets along very well and are easy to talk to. It is always good to work with people who I see as friends and not just work colleagues.” – Technician, at BDR Automotive for 4 years

Management Support

BDR Automotive believes consistency is very important. They don’t believe in changing the rules randomly. One fast rule: They don’t work weekends! The hours are 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays. They believe the staff deserves to spend weekends with their families. The no weekend rule sometimes conflicts with their customers’ needs, so they offer early drop off and delivery services. Management is a husband-and-wife team with three young children, so they understand the need to have family time and it is important for them to have this time as well.

They make working at BDR Automotive personal; they want to know if there are family issues or problems the employees need to talk about. In addition, BDR Automotive is very community conscious. They encourage their staff and their families to get involved in community events as well. Also, the shop is closed at noon every day for lunch, so that the staff is rejuvenated for their afternoon work.

BDR… Growing and Recruiting for Automotive Jobs

BDR staff by sign entrance - automotive jobs

Brian Rossini is the owner and chief mechanic at BDR Automotive. For over 20 years, Brian has worked as a diagnostician and mechanic. Chrissy Rossini is office manager who oversees all accounting and daily operations. They put a premium on professionalism and together, they make BDR Automotive a well-oiled machine. BDR has up-to-date equipment and is willing to purchase new equipment, if needed. They offer digital inspections to their customers, which assists the technicians in diagnosing problems.

Today, there are three technicians and one service writer, customer service representative, a shop helper, and a human resources manager.  BDR Automotive continues to thrive and is busier than ever, so they are actively recruiting for automotive jobs: new techs and lube technicians. They are seeking a full-time mechanic with two years’ experience. The ideal candidate is reliable and wants to work, and shows up on time every day. You need to drive and have transportation to and from work. Read more about the automotive jobs and their descriptions on our Careers page.

BDR is different from dealership service departments in that they do not pay on a flat rate basis (no matter how many hours technicians bill). BDR pays an hourly rate and guarantees 40 hours a week. You can get paid vacations, health and dental benefits, up to 50% insurance paid, a holiday bonus, and IRA match! You can also repair your own vehicles and get auto parts at a special rate – work after hours or on your lunch break. 

Interested in working for BDR?

If working at BDR Automotive appeals to you, or you know someone who might be interested in automotive jobs, contact Chrissy through her direct line: 774-249-5294 or by email.  

Chris Grady
Chris has joined the BDR team as highly certified technician. He is a hard worker and very reliable. Chris specializes in diagnostics and prides himself on proficiency and getting the job done right the first time! Chris has the proven ability to deliver quality work with excellent customer satisfaction. Chris attended Mass Bay Community College where he earned his degree in Automotive Technology. He has gone on to become ASE certified as well as having certifications in KIA and TOYOTA diagnostics.

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