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Ask Brian - what does an oil change service include
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Ask Brian: What does an oil change service include?

An oil change service is a very important service for your vehicle. It is possibly the number one service you should schedule regularly. On this segment of Ask Brian, we discussed what goes into an oil change.

More than just an Oil Change

An oil change service may be done in several different ways, but the main part of the service includes:

1) draining the oil,
2) changing the filter, and
3) filling with oil to the proper level

That’s the basic service … BUT, it is very important that other parts are checked when an oil service is done. At BDR Automotive, we first road test the vehicle to check for any abnormal noises or vibrations. We also check to see if the vehicle pulls to the left or right when driving down the road. Once inside our shop, we check all the other systems in the vehicle, including the lights, horn, windshield wipers, and HVAC system.

Then we open the hood and check the following:

all the fluids,
air filter
any leaks

Next the vehicle is put on the lift to drain the oil and change the oil filter. While on the lift, we check the tires, steering and suspension components, brakes, and exhaust system. We also check for any leaks from under the vehicle.

All these steps are very important to have checked at every oil change service, so any potential issues can be addressed before they become larger and more costly problems. We want to be able to advise the customer of any potential repairs that may be needed down the road so they can better prepare for those repairs and their costs. 

Customers have asked these oil change related questions, too:

Is it ok to just get the oil drained and changed and not to replace the oil filter?

Brian: The filter plays a critical role in protecting the engine from particles that can cause wear, so it needs to be changed whenever the oil is changed.

Does synthetic oil require a different kind of filter vs the one used with conventional oil?

Brian: No, synthetic oil doesn’t require a special filter. What is important is for the filter to be of high quality so that it removes contaminants from the system.

If you have concerns about an oil change service for your vehicle, contact BDR Automotive at (508) 429-4720 or by email.  If you have a question for Ask Brian at BDR Automotive, send us an email and we’ll be sure to answer it in our blog

Jarred McGee
Jarred is not only an amazingly competent and capable technician, he is a confident leader and source of incredible knowledge. Known for being a tireless and dedicated technician, he is always friendly and professional, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure BDR customers leave with peace of mind about their vehicle. Jarred attended Mass Bay Community College where he earned his Associates Degree in Automotive Technology. He went on to receive a Toyota T-TEN Certificate while working in Toyota’s dealership system. Jarred has also worked at an auto-body repair shop that specialized in complex high-end vehicles such as the Tesla.

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